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Rissho stainless steel coil - Nickel alloy

Nickel-titanium alloy in stainless steel disc. Energy efficient products, the air can most prominent feature is the pursuit of energy-saving products, durable and reliable products are the basic needs of all. Nickel-titanium alloy stainless steel pipe in the air to the water heater has been a high degree of attention from the material of the feasibility of adaptive R & D to technology development, many enterprises and research institutions can be said to be under the foot work. The advantage is that corrosion resistance, long life, 360 ° heat, high energy efficiency ratio (up to 4.0 or so); the drawback is poor thermal conductivity than copper, the need to increase the length of the coil to increase the heat transfer area, achieve energy efficiency. The coil length, the difficulty of matching unit is also relatively high. Tank production process and difficult to process and high cost. To the same benefits, as the representatives of Jinjiang professional brands have begun mass production of the fifth generation of products. It is also because of the advantages of next-generation products, with the benefit of air tanks can be made this year, five-year warranty commitments.

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