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Stainless Steel Coil - Stainless steel interior GMO-care

Speaking of the development of inner water tank, solar thermal industry experts, veteran comments Sun Lei had the image of the water heater summarized as "three generations." The first generation of inner galvanized, copper liner, the second generation stainless steel, enamel, compared with the third generation of inner liner. Zinc, copper liner because of the protection layer is thinner, non-rust treatment, easy to scale, short life and other issues, has basically been eliminated. Although the inner stainless steel liner material is good, not rusty, but due to "weld" hidden, it is gradually fading out in the market, our vision. Enamel interior is the third generation on the market the most advanced of a relatively water tank liner, it not only solves the fatal problem of leakage, but also in the pressure resistant to acid, corrosion resistance also has a unique advantage. Of course, enamel interior is also not generalize, because the differences in technology and material selection, enamel interior itself is good or bad. Normal enamel interior pressure or solar hot water system can not be the best parts.

    GMO-care liner performance can be summarized by five criteria: compression performance, ceramic thickness, Enamel, acid corrosion and acute temperature change, security. Has a "fourth generation tank liner," said the liner GMO special care has widespread applications, matching the performance strong, it is widely used not only confined to a variety of solar water heating systems are also a solar energy, air energy, geothermal energy , gas and electricity more than the core components of the energy mix applications. At present, the step patented technology products to Hi-Tech jacket vertical, horizontal gall of the gall bladder, enamel coil horizontal and vertical first-class products have a bullet maturity of the market, a GMO flagship product.


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